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A turbo-charged exfoliator that leaves your face brighter and smoother

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Dermaplaning is a modern and effective way to gently exfoliate dead skin cells with a scalpel. It's painless, quick, effective at removing peach fuzz and results in a brighter and softer complexion.

Dermaplaning Medi-Spa Treatment

A Complete Dermaplaning Facial with proprietary Skin Deep products customized for you and your specific needs.

Dermaplaning Facial Treatment | $130


Dermaplaning Treatment as stand alone procedure

Only | $80

Want to combine a Dermaplaning Treatment with your favourite facial? Speak to your aesthetician to determine if the combination is right for you.

While the dermaplaning rids the skin of the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz), it is also a minimally invasive procedure that encourages skin cell renewal and leaves the face looking refreshed and more youthful. The treatment works in a number of different ways to improve the health and look of your face, and it does it all with no downtime. And contrary to popular belief, a close shave does not cause the facial hair to grow back thicker or darker.


Like other types of exfoliation, this non-invasive skin treatment skims away dead skin cells from the face, allowing new ones to rise to the surface leading the skin to actively rejuvenate itself. 


After your treatment, your at-home skincare routine will also become more effective after you’ve had a dermaplaning treatment. This is because your skin will be free of dead skin and fine hairs allowing your face to better absorb the serums and moisturizers you apply. For this reason, we recommend focusing on your at-home routine and use your highest quality products.


Most of us are accustomed to safely and easily shaving our legs or even our faces with a manual razor at home. But performing a dermaplaning treatment with a surgical blade is a completely different process and shouldn’t be attempted at home without the proper and thorough training.


While beauty fads come and go, dermaplaning is here to stay and we believe you will love the benefits to your skin!

How does it work?

With the use of a medical grade scalpel it is run with precision over the skin to remove dead skin cells and fine facial hair (aka peach fuzz) by scraping off the top layer of the skin. This procedure produces an immediately more radiant appearance with instant results. Following this treatment, makeup application is smoother. Additionally, other skin products can penetrate deeper, making them more effective than before.etween your brows.

Who is a candidate for Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an ideal option for anyone with fine facial hair, unusually sensitive skin, or rosacea. The only people who dermaplaning is not recommended for are those with acne-prone skin. Oil from the sebaceous glands needs to travel along the villous hair to be excreted. So when the hair is removed, the oil can build up and block glands on the face. This in turn causes breakouts for people who are prone to them. In addition, anyone with numerous raised lesions or skin irregularities or a nickel allergy should not undergo dermaplaning.


How often does Dermaplaning need to be performed?

Dermaplaning can be performed approximately every 3-4 weeks or once the skin has completed its next rejuvenation cycle. In order for it to be effective and worthwhile, dead skin cells need to accumulate again. Also, the vellous hairs (peach fuzz) would have to grow back.


How long do results last?

Results from dermaplaning are temporary and last about 3-4 weeks. This time is about how long it takes the skin to complete a rejuvenation cycle. It is important to note it is not a permanent solution. After all, dead skin cells continue to build over time, and fine hairs are constantly growing. But it is an ideal quick way to get instantly vibrant results regularly or for important events.


When will I see results?

Results from dermaplaning are evident instantly after treatment. Your skin will feel softer than ever before to the touch. Additionally, it will appear more even in tone and texture. Most people notice that their makeup goes on more smoothly as well, and skincare products get a boost.

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