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To become your favourite every day Spa; by providing quality, world-class services, treatments and therapies, in a comfortable environment and performed by thoughtful, certified professionals — all at reasonable prices.


Your visit to Epiphany Spa should be a relaxing retreat from the stresses of your day. It should also be comfortable in every way. To assure that you receive every possible benefit from your visit, please feel free to discuss any aspect of your visit with our front desk staff or ask to speak with Cristina, our Spa director.

Quality | Comfort  | Trust

Best Spa In Oakville

WINNER The Best Day Spa in Oakville

The Quality Business Awards has awarded Epiphany Spa Oakville as The Best Day Spa in Oakville; an overall quality score exceeding 95% was achieved, making us the Top Ranked Spa in Oakville.





Best Spa In Oakville
Top Spa In Oakville

Spa Oakville - Winner
Top Choice Award 2018



We follow current regulations set out by local health authorities and Government of Ontario guidelines - our protocols are updated accordingly. As always, please do not hesitate to speak to any of us if you have any questions about how we're going above and beyond to keep our staff and our spa guests safe..

Registered Massage Therapists and Nurse Practitioners each have their own specific protocols depending on the service or treatment being provided.


The following are just some of the protocols currently being implemented at the spa:


We continue to follow all required regulations mandated by local and provincial health authorities. Some of these regulations have often been confusing and sometimes even conflicting because our spa falls under two different jurisdictions - a “Personal Care Service” and “Medical/Therapeutic”. The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and our Nurse Injector, require that the client and therapist/practitioner each wear a mask while at the spa and during any treatment. Wearing a mask is optional for all other clients because the mandate has been removed for “Personal Care Service” businesses. Out of an abundance of caution and in an effort to make all clients feel comfortable during their visit to the spa, all of our staff will continue to wear a mask until the conflicting mandate by the different authorities is removed. Your choice to wear a mask or not while you visit the spa for non-RMT or injection treatments will be met with our sincerest understanding; we appreciate your support and understanding too.


Staff will be regularly cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing work services, common areas including handles, door knobs, railings, tools, credit card terminal, remotes, chairs, bottles, taps, etc.. We have removed many items that cannot be disinfected, such as testers, printed material and magazines. Retail items and skin care product packaging is sanitized. You can help to manage our resources, please do not touch. We are happy to help you choose the right product and complete your touch-less purchase.

Clean Air

When hygienic paper is used, it is replaced and the treatment chair or table is disinfected after each client. When used, linens and blankets are removed and replaced with clean linens. Treatment rooms are disinfected, including door handles, light switches and machines. All work surfaces and tools are cleaned and disinfected between clients.

Epiphany Spa & Wellness has been equipped with a new air purifying system which helps to purify the air by filtering particles as small as 0.001 microns to ensure clean air circulation.

Our receptionist/Spa coordinator is available to answer your questions and coordinate special requests or needs during your visit. Also, please note the following:

  • Tea and snack service has temporarily stopped for RMTs and injection treatments

  • Please help us manage our resources by arriving on time for your appointment or a few minutes early if you need to complete the Required Form; your appointment may be shortened to accommodate the additional time required.

Touchless Transactions

We continue to accept credit cards and cash. Our credit card terminal disinfected after each use.




When booking an appointment, clients may be asked to provide a valid credit card number to hold a reservation. No charges will be transacted until your service is completed and you'll be able to pay for your services with your choice of credit card, Interac or cash. We will phone, email or text you with an appointment reminder. Please let us know your preferred way to receive appointment reminders. Despite our best efforts, you may not receive a courtesy reminder and ultimately, you are responsible for keeping track of appointments.

On your first appointment for a facial, you will be required to fill out a short questionnaire so that your aesthetician can make sure she has the information needed to provide you with exceptional service and to help you reach your skincare goals. The information provided will also help eliminate potential conflicts your treatment may cause with any medical conditions you might have. View and download a PDF of our Skincare Questionaire, fill it out and bring it with you or arrive early and fill it out in our lounge while enjoying a complimentary beverage.

Always plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. We can not always accomodate walk-ins your appointment time may be given up if you arrive late without notice. Let us know if you're running late. We will do everything we can to accomodate you when you arrive. Depending on the circumstances, your treatment may have to be performed by an alternate aesthetician or therapist, your treatment may have to be substituted for a shorter treatment or worst case, rescheduled in order to accomodate the schedule of those clients who arrive on time for their appointments after you. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your spa treatments as you have come to expect them, so please plan to arrive on time, or better yet, arrive early and consider slipping into a luxuriously soft Epiphany Spa robe and slippers, then enjoy one of our many complimentary beverages in our relaxing lounge while you prepare for your treatment

Best Spa In Oakville


Your appointment is a block of time reserved just for you. Other clients are often turned away in order to hold your reservation. Cancellations and no-shows result in inconvenience to others and is our largest cause of lost revenue. Professional staff is required to be ready to provide your scheduled service and this cost is often not required when there is no appointment scheduled. This significant cost remains when there is a cancelled appointment. Clients tell us that price is an extremely important factor in their purchasing decision. To prevent unfair increases in our prices, we charge the full amount of the scheduled services (or the equivalent deduction from gift certificates) to those who cancel appointments. We sincerely hope you understand why this policy is required and why we cannot make exceptions to it. If you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, simply call us at (905) 815-1772 with at least 24 hours notice for individual treatments and 48 hours for Spa Packages and/or groups of two and more. No emails please.

We regularly phone, email or text (SMS) appointment reminders but ultimately, it is your responsibly to remember your appointment. We realize that sometimes emergencies happen or sudden illnesses occur that can prevent you from giving us the required 24 hours notice for individual treatments (48 hours for Spa Packages and/or groups of two and more). In these instances, your credit card will only be charged 50% of your total service (equivalent deduction from a gift certificate).

Best Spa In Oakville


The greatest compliment a happy client can give a small business like ours is to refer a friend or family member OR post a 5 Star review using Google, on Facebook, Yelp or anywhere else. Since 1997, we've done everything we can to meet your expectations and our loyal clients regularly tell us that we meet that high standard. We want to be your favourite everyday spa and if we ever fall short at meeting your expectation, please tell us personally and we'll make it right.

Our staff is amazing and thanks to their hard work, we are proud to have have won many awards and certificates acclaiming our business and quality of service. Many of these "Consumer Awards" are often paid promotional programs created by for-profit companies requiring an advertising fee. We do not pay for awards without being nominated by real clients.

Cell Phones In The Spa


In order to respect the relaxation of all our clients, we kindly request that you turn your phone to silent when you are in the spa's open manicure, pedicure or lounge areas and answer your phone only in emergencies. If other clients are in the immediate area and you are on your phone and it isn't an emergency, we will ask that you end your call. 

We request that you turn off your cell prior to entering our treatment rooms for a facial or massage. 


Some spas advertise 60 or 90 minute skincare or massage treatments, but shorten them to 50 minutes and 75 minute as a matter of course, to suit their schedule and ultimately book more treatments within the day, at your expense. We value your time; we also value your business. We do not cut corners in anything we do and the best motto for any service company is to "treat people as we would want to be treated". At Epiphany Spa, you receive the attention of your professional therapist and aesthetician for the full time blocked for your treatment. Please arrive on time for your appointments, otherwise we may be obligated to shorten your appointment to accommodate the next client who is on time.


Treatments and spa service procedures may change without notice. We apologize in advance for any inconsistency in our description of our services and treatments listed on our website. We are happy to discuss any update in detail and explain why the required change was implemented. Please let us know if any treatment or service requires description update, thank you.


Tipping is always appreciated but completely discretionary and never obligatory. We provide 100% of the your generous tips to the service providers who serve you because it's the right thing to do. 


We appreciate all interest in our free giveaways and prizes. All physical prizes are to be picked up at the spa, shipping is not included in the value of the prize. The prize winner agrees to be included in a post on our social media channels. All digital prizes will be delivered by email to the winner.

Facials - What To Expect


When receiving a facial, your esthetician will respect your time and relaxation while talking only at specific points throughout the treatment. She will explain the treatments you have chosen and can also explain the difference in other treatments beginning of the session. Coming to Epiphany Spa for a facial treatment is just as much about the mind as it is about the body. Your aesthetician will help you drift into a full relaxation state by remaining quiet but please feel free to ask any questions or mention any concerns of focus you might want to share. She will take her lead from you.

Comedomes (blackheads) exist in every skin and your esthetician will spend time required on extractions. Areas such as the sides and top of nose, forehead, on and under the chin, sides of cheeks, eyebrows, behind and in the ears, and neck will all be examined closely.

Relaxing Massage, Rmt Massage - What To Expect ​


Epiphany Spa registered massage therapists (RMT) are accredited by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and will use their experience and the information you provided in the completed Client Questionnaire to formulate the best possible treatment for your visit. Feel free to communicate directly with your therapist what you expect and the weight of pressure that has worked best for you in the past. They are here for your therapeutic benefit!

Your massage therapist may recommend you remove all but your undergarments for your treatment, please feel free to discuss what best suits your personal comfort in this area. You will always be beneath a sheet to maintain your privacy accept for the part of the body that the therapist is working on.

As per strict CMTO regulations, when a gift certificate is purchased for massage therapy, the description of the service is “Gift Certificate” and the dollar amount paid is listed on the receipt. When the gift certificate is redeemed, a receipt for the dollar amount of the gift certificate is not issued. If the recipient of the massage wishes to receive a receipt, the dollar amount listed must be marked “gift certificate redeemed” with no dollar amount given. We cannot issue a receipt to anyone other than the payer.


All RMT receipts must show the date of the financial transaction, the description of the service, duration of treatment and the name of the payer. 

Reference: s.10, Ontario Regulation544/94 as amended to Ontario Regulation 474/99. Policy on Complementary Modalities, College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, 2004. For more information about the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario Standards of Practice please visit

Relaxing massage services are provided by spa trained estheticians, are documented as "non-RMT" and are not eligible for insurance or employee benefit programs. Please refer to your Employee Benefits Handbook for more information.

Spa Gift Certificate


We have limited space in our retail areas so we've made a significant effort to only carry products we have the most confidence in to help you reach your skincare goals. We do not pressure our staff to sell products in our boutique. If any of our aestheticians recommend a product, it is because they sincerely believe that the product will be a benefit to you. Your aesthetician will explain what the product is and why it will make a difference in the condition you are concerned about. 

Epiphany Spa Oakville
Online Gift Cards



Giving an Epiphany Spa Gift Card or Gift Certificate is a great way to show someone you care about and show them that only the best will do.

Gift Cards can be purchased online and delivered immediately or for added convenience, choose a date in the future and our Gift Card store will automatically deliver your Gift Card gift with your personalized message on the date you choose. Purchase Epiphany Spa Gift Cards online and choose from $50, $100, $200, $300, $400 or $500 denominations or choose your favourite Epiphany Spa Package.

Our printed Gift Certificates come in an envelope and arranged with tissue paper inside an Epiphany Spa gift bag. Gift Certificates can be ordered by email at or by calling us at 905-815-1772. Our Gift Certificates can be purchased with any denomination amount or any combination of service, treatment, retail product or therapeutic treatment. Can call us ahead of time at (905) 815-1772 and have it ready for pickup. For those of you that are out of town or want to simply have your Gift Certificate emailed - we can do that too!

Reasonable conditions apply: for example, spa package prices may change over time, without notice; any difference is due and payable at checkout, if applicable. Gift Cars and Gift Certificates have no cash value. When applicable, "Extra Credit" or "Bonus" portion of a Gift Card cannot be used to pay for RMT (Registered Massage Therapy) or Cosmetic Injections. Our Gift Certificates cannot be used to purchase services at a special promotional pricing. We do not provide refunds on Gift Certificates. Our Gift Certificates and Gift Cards never expire. Our Gift Certificates and Gift Cards are transferable and can also be used to make purchases in our Retail Boutique.

As per strict CMTO regulations, when a gift certificate is purchased for massage therapy, the description of the service is “Gift Certificate” and the dollar amount paid is listed on the receipt. When the gift certificate is redeemed, a receipt for the dollar amount of the gift certificate is not issued. If the recipient of the massage wishes to receive a receipt, the dollar amount listed must be marked “gift certificate redeemed” with no dollar amount given. We cannot issue a receipt to anyone other than the payer.

Reference: s.10, Ontario Regulation544/94 as amended to Ontario Regulation 474/99. Policy on Complementary Modalities, College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, 2004.

Privacy Policy



We value your trust in us and we appreciate it. We collect your contact information and use it only to contact you and will not share it with anyone, for whatever reason. The information we maintain from the Client Questionnaires you complete is referenced by your aesthetician, nurse practitioner or massage therapist exclusively to help you reach your skincare needs, maintain a safe environment for you and help eliminate or reduce the chance of unwanted side effects.


We use an online marketing industry leader to help us manage communications with our clients. These messages may include a newsletter, last-minute offers, monthly promotions or service notices. We gauge interest from our clients who receive these messages from us and the response to our messages is overwhelmingly positive. You may not wish to receive these messages and we always include a link in our messages to where you can instantly remove your email address from any future mailings. Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions about our online marketing campaigns. If you want to subscribe to our messages, please call (905) 815-1772 or send us an email to

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Cell phones in the Spa
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Epiphany Spa has always upheld the highest standards. The health and well-being of our clients is our first priority. Guidelines for proper sanitation, disinfection and sterilization procedures are provided by government health standards. We regularly and as a matter of course surpass these standards because we do not cut corners when it comes your health and we value the trust you have given us.

The following are a few things to ask when visiting a spa or salon:

  1. Ask about instrument cleaning. 
    Does the salon sterilize their instruments or do they just disinfect them?

  2. Ask how they soak the feet. 
    Usually the whirlpool foot bath is either piped or pipe-free. We believe that pipe-free technology is better because piped whirlpool foot baths have been found to contain bacteria in their pipes, jets and water filtration systems. The pipe-free whirlpool foot baths can easily be removed for cleaning. If the foot bath uses a liner, make sure that a new liner is being used each time. If towels are used, ask how they are cleaned as bleach must be used.

  3. Ask if disposable items are used only once.
    Items such as nail files, foot files, buffers and toe separators should only be used once. It is ridiculous to think that keeping these (wet) items in a plastic bag for your future exclusive use is a safe and hygienic practice.

  4. Ask if the salon and technician are licensed and or certified in their trade. 
    The salon and technician should both be licensed or certified by a reputable school.

  5. Don't shave legs 24 hours before your appointment.
    Nicks and cuts from shaving create small openings in the skin where bacteria can enter. If you have any open sores, wait until they heal before getting a pedicure.

  6. Advise the technician of any medical conditions and medications.
    Certain medical conditions and medications can increase the risk of infection. Examples include: diabetes, lymphedema, peripheral vascular disease (PVD), neuropathy, HIV and autoimmune diseases like lupus. Examples of medications include: chemotherapy agents and blood thinners such as comedian.

  7. Check if the salon is clean.
    The salon itself should be clean and well kept. This is usually a good indicator of how well they take care of their instruments and other salon equipment. 

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