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Signature Body Treatments

Experience the pleasure of one of our invigorating or relaxing treatments.

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Our desire is to provide the most effective skin-health lotions available. We are thrilled to offer planet-friendly skincare that positively affects the lives of our clients. The amazing product line restores healthy skin and routinely converts first time users to vocal advocates.

Consider coming to the spa early when you have a Signature Body Treatment or Spa Package booked so that you can relax, slip into one of our luxurious cotton robes, enjoy a tea or other complimentary beverage and get ready to be pampered.

Let us know if you wish to take advantage of our steam room amenities so that we can eliminate the set-up and have everything ready for you.


Our Sea Holistic treatment utilizes Phytomer Signature Professional Products and is pure decadence. An ultra-relaxing treatment with the gentle warmth and fragrant scent of lavender. This treatment offers a unique and complete experience for both a radiant complexion and deep relaxation. Exceptional for an absolute well-being experience.

Starting with a full body exfoliation using sea salt crystals followed by a Thai inspired massage using Thai lavender stems and manual techniques for total body relaxation, hydration and rejuvenation. The Sea Holistic massage cream nourishes, softens and moisturizes the skin leaving it feeling soft and velvety. The face is cleansed and exfoliated, and a mask applied to boost radiance and restore the skin’s natural luminosity and softness. This journey it is formulated with the scent of lavender and citrus to guide you into a truly relaxed state.

  • Manual massage combining effleurage strokes and gentle pressure

  • Thai-inspired massage using Phytomer formulated sea boluses

  • Gentle warmth and aromatic fragrance of lavender flowers

  • Face exfoliation with sea salt crystals and radiance treatment



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Our detoxifying and cleansing back treatment starts with a gentle scrub, stimulating and exfoliating the skin to increase blood circulation, resulting in lymphatic removal of waste products.

Your skin is then prepared using our exfoliating scrub in circular movements. The scrub conditions the skin and then a hot mitt is used to remove the exfoliant scrub while soothing heat penetrates the back.


Next the whole back is beautifully cleansed using a gentile body wash. A small brush glides over the entire back in circular motions helping to warm up the area. To complete the cleansing and exfoliating process a hot mitt is used again to remove any product and to ensure the whole back radiates warmth.


Toner is spritzed all over the back area drenching the skin to give it a hydrating drink.

Your full back, neck, shoulders and scalp will then be massaged for 15 minutes while focusing any particular areas of tension.


Finally, a body conditioning lotion is applied to the entire back, absorbing quickly and leaving you with beautifully conditioned skin to conclude the treatment.



Add Microdermabrasion | Add $60


This luxurious treatment uses delicious fragrances that will transport YOU to immediate relaxation, including excellent natural exfoliant without relying on harmful chemicals. Sugar base very fine crystals that leave skin invigorated, but not damaged. A light exfoliation helps to clear and balance skin, high percentage of macadamia oil to nourish skin and then removed with hot towels enriched with eucalyptus. Any macadamia oil residue left after your treatment is hydrates the skin as it is deeply absorbed. Ultimately, a high percentage of healing macadamia oil, Vitamin E, allantoin and aloe vera vitamin-enriched moisturizer is applied to smooth and even the most sensitive skin.




This powerful treatment smoothes the look of skin and helps reduce toxins. A wildflower clay helps remineralize, tone and smooth. Your skin will take on a more vibrant, youthful appearance. We use bentonite clay based body mask for deep tissue cleansing with lavender and chamomile added to soothe the skin.

With scrub and steam | $179

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