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Come in to discuss your expectations and we'll determine if you're a candidate for eyelash and eyebrow enhancements. We're experts at performing these safe, semi permanent procedures and we'll share all of the details.

Do you have extremely fair hair that makes lashes nearly invisible or are your eyebrows a different color than your hair? 

With tinted lashes appear longer and more voluminous, as the tinting accentuates the full length of the lashes. Light brows can be accentuated by a dark tint; dark brows can be lightened to match dyed blond hair or to be co-ordinated with virtually any hair colour. With tinted eyelashes the eyelashes and eyes look expressive and attractive for weeks - even without mascara.


Going away? Visit us before your vacation for weeks of care free eyelashes and eyebrows.

Eyelash Lift
Elleebana Products

Eyelash Lift with collagen and cysteine gives your lashes a wonderful lift, letting the eyes appear larger and more expressive. At the same time, the eyelashes are nourished. Unlike mechanical lash curlers Eyelash Lift gently forms the eyelashes with the lift or curl lasting up to 5 weeks. Collagen is one of the commonly occurring structural proteins in the human body and together with the amino acid cysteine, combine to contribute to hair development; these active ingredients nourish and protect the eyelashes during treatment, allowing them to appear groomed and fuller.

The application is simple, safe and takes about 45 minutes. With the choice of 4 different roller sizes you can achieve the perfect eyelash curvature for you - independent of your eyelash length or eyelash form.

Eyelash Lift | 45 min.  | $95

Eyelash Tint plus Eyelash Lift | $109

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint plus Eyelash Lift | $119

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting
Elleebana Products

Are you tired of clumpy mascara caused by individual lashes sticking together? Are you noticing grays sprouting in your brows?

With tinted eyelashes there is no such problem, because the colour penetrates into each individual lash - without sticking them together or producing clumps. Particularly for contact lens wearers eyelash tinting is ideal. They frequently suffer because the fine Mascara particles irritate the eye. For sport enthusiasts eyelash tinting is perfect, as it is water resistant for weeks and even when sweating does not smear or run.

Eyebrow Tint | $18

Eyelash Tint | $25

Eyelash & Brow Tint | $38

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