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Thai Yoga Massage

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Your health and well-being is our highest priority.

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Treatments are performed by our Registered Reflexologist.

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TYM treats ailments such as headache, knee pain, back, shoulder and neck pain, premenstrual tension and others. It is especially effective for numbness or loss of feeling in conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, or after a stroke, and can help with pain relief during labour.


The treatment improves flexibility, relaxes and restores energy.

On your first massage treatment with us, arrive a few minutes early to complete a quick questionnaire.


Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is a healing system that combines broad and specific acupressure, reflexology, and manipulation of energy lines in the body called Sen.


In this process joints are opened, muscles, tendons stretched and internal organs balanced.


It is extremely popular for its anti-aging benefits and for restoring energy and calm.


60 minutes with Registered Reflexologist | $120

90 minutes with Registered Reflexologist | $159

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